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hand hand-out. >> awesome. >> taxpayers. >> so are all the hand-outs killing what made america great? good old fashioned hardwork? plus selling us out. government agencies making money off the private and the personal info. you won't believe what we found. and the opener of america's oldest brewery taking on big labor in a big way. and the reason job seekers on this holiday weekend. "cashin' in," working hard for you starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: hi, everyone, i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." the crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, michelle field, ebony k. williams. welcome, everybody. as we celebrate labor day this weekend let's open up a debate about the current state of labor in america. >> work is quickly replaced with hand-out and freebies. the recent report found in 35 states, welfare pays more than the minimum wage. that alone is driving the would-be workers to the open arm of our government. happy we feel recipient is a happy voter. what is the fall-out? welfare abusers, the takers are exploding. while the labor force, the makers are imploding. more
food but other service jobs overseas. >> the complaint is that we don'have jobs here in america. but the fact is labor is cheaper overseas. and youth unemployment here. minimum wage jobs in mcdonalds and entw level position are necessary for high school and college students to get a to the in the work force. if you start raising thatcost and making them more expensive, emplees willot hiring then. there is a 17 percent youth unemployment rate. we'll see go up. >> hold on, ju know. your city alone, there is a walmart law where they want to increase the wage for walmart. there is a 34 percent unemployment rate in teens in washington d.c. and you box them outine more from jobs th need. >> wait a second, if you are talking about mcdonald, the average worker is 28. not teenagers. and second eric y and wayne will have to get in corporate jets to go to mcdonald and send those jobs overseas. that's what wayne is saying. >> no, let's be honest here. one more thing eric, you want us to bring third world wages. >> what are you talking about. >>y corporate jet was built overseas. >> there w
is always, we don't have any jobs here in america. the fact is the labor is cheaper overseas due to things like this with low skilled positions. let's talk about youth unemployment. minimum wage jobs, mcdonald's entry level positions are necessary for high school and college students to kind of get their way through school and get their foot into a work force. you started raising that costs and making them more expensive, employers are just going to stop hiring them. we have seen 17% youth unemployment rate we've seen it go up. >> eric: in your city alone they are trying to get a walmart they wanted to increase wage requirement. there is 34% unemployment rate in washington, d.c. you are going to box them out from jobs. >> wait a second. you have to consider if you are talking about mcdonald's. average age is 28. we're not talking about teenagers. second thing eric, you and waiteders going to have to get in corporate jets to get the mcdonald's hamburger that you think somehow, we're going to send those jobs overseas. that is what wayne is saying. let me tell you one more thing, one more for
have a rght to housing? is it our job to provide a home for every person in america? >> these are aspirational things that the government should be working to do to help the private sector help all people get in homes. we should working together, a these are aspirationm and things we should be doing. but the fact is going back to the same economic policies that got us in this mess in the first place isn't going to do it. >> that's what got us in the housing bubble. >> the same government policy is government intervention. we're going to more intervention. there are two ways to deal with people through trade, which is what the investors are doing and what representative ellieson wants to tax and through force, which is what taxes are. >> we'll leave it there. >> good discussion. wayne, last thought. >> yeah,831, believe it or not, alexis de tocqueville said when the congress understands that they can bribe e the people with their own money, it will mean the end of the republic. >> there you go. way to end the segment. good job, wayne. coming up, democrats, once slamm
to america and given the number of violent crimes that is on the rise in the u.s., wain, you say this is a very credible, real threat to our economy. >> oh, yes, eric. i mean, you have, for example, the ten most dangerous cities in the united states, you have poverty on the rise and unemployment on the rise and you have crime on the rise. now, when you have crime on the rise, you have to do something to counter that. the police tactics and things that the police have to do to bring the order back to it has to increase. now, not at the sacrifice of personal rights, but it has to increase in some way. one of the things, for example, juan who is on the show today said the other day that i think is very key that the civil rights workers in this country, i'm talking about the al sharptens and those kind of crazy people have to take responsibility to go in these neighborhoods and leave these neighborhoods and say something positive, not be negative all the time and i think, juan, you did a great job on that. i saw that and i think that's a terrific idea and that's what has to take plac
want. the reason that post officeerty went up in america -- >> i don't want the war on poverty. we should end the war on poverty. >> eric: hang in there. >> we should end the war on poverty, i think so, too. >> eric: wayne, the reality, why people in the suburbs black or white are falling below the post officeerty line is the jobs, the good jobs evaporated. construction jobs, manufacturing jobs. they gave to retail and fast food jobs. >> a lot of that is true. but the statistics are misleading when jonathan quoted them the way they did. after 196 when clinton administration changed the act, the welfare act, poverty was reduced. for next ten years. so this is a recent phenomena from 2008 up to today. we have had a massive increase, huge increase in the last four or five years. so the statistics doesn't tell you that. >> it atells you the economy for if the last four or five years. >> eric: we spend a lot of time on t you tell me that economy got better. >> skyrocketing entitlement spending is off the charts. >> yeah. >> we have to look at two other factors. >> bob, if you're knowled
and a job and building a resume. i don't think that this is a mystery. if you want to make it in america. >> eric: jonathan, there is a -- >> yeah, even make minimum wage job to keep a young person out of trouble and focus on producing on the future. no question the gang pointed out. there is less likely to be this violent crime in a stronger economy. young people are, of course, we have unemployment, a youth unemployment rate north of 18%. young people are less likely to see a future where they can achieve their goals and succeed. it's not just at home. look at spain, look at greece. terrible economies. youth unemployment 50%. >> eric: keep it at home. broken window theory. if you see the broken windows in the area, crime will get elevated. if you pick the broken windows the perception it's safer and cleaner and the businesses come back and jobs come back. >> we have seen this in new york city and washington, d.c. if you take an area and turn it in a place with business and people employ and have jobs to get young people in workplace to keep them busy it's very iportant. going to the ar
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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